Blueberry Picking

A nice, long weekend in the country with friends, and the first thing we did was go blueberry picking.

It was no surprise that the kids loved being on a farm, but who knew picking fruit in the hot sun would be so fun? Both Alice and Everett were so engaged, so focused, and so earnest, doing their best to identify just the right blueberries, pluck them, and plop them in their containers. 

Alice had a hard time not picking the green ones (they were pretty!), so every so often I had to dump out her little box when she wasn't looking and fill it with a few from Everett's.

Everett found the plumpest and the purplest ones!





The way Alice walked was so funny – tiny little micro steps, one after another – partly because she didn't like the mud and partly just to be careful not to spill her blueberries.

This blueberry is my favorite.

I've never seen Alice eat so many blueberries!



When we were done with the blueberries, Everett insisted on picking peas, too. So we drove to the next field to collect a bag of Sugar Snaps and English. Alice and I took a break, hanging out by the car, eating blueberries. 

Exhausted, we made a quick stop into Hudson to get lunch.

Alice  fell asleep just minutes before we pulled into town (of course), and we tried desperately not to wake her. Once we got to a picnic table, I got to hold her heavy, limp, sleeping body for about 30 minutes, which was really uncomfortable and actually kind of painful, but such a rare and wonderful treat. I kissed her forehead about a million times, caught a few wistful glances from other moms, and wondered when was the last time I got to hold Alice while she slept.