Watching the sunrise from a boat sailing the Aegean isn't a bad way to start the day (even if it was preceded by waking up at the crack of dawn while jet lagged and having to win a debate at the ticket office in the port while inhaling ferry exhaust). 

Even though it's 6 hours by boat, we still got to Folegandros with plenty of time to enjoy the entire day. Probably the most charming and picturesque island we've ever been to. Do I say that every year, after every island I visit? Maybe. But this time it's true. 

Still in our pajama shirts, we played in the church while waiting for daddy to get the rental car.

Hundreds of churches dotting the rocky, mountainous, arid landscape. Only a few miles long and a couple miles across, you see the yellow and brown mountains coupled with the bluest blue sea and then tiny white dots of churches.

Except for when you're on the beach. Then it could possible be the bluest blues coupled with the most vibrant turquoise and neon pink. 






 Too windy for umbrellas, we tried to find shade in the trees.

Tuckered out from swimming all day and waiting for a milkshake.

The local island fisherman is one dashing gentleman. 















Sunsets here are epic. We were impressed by this view on our first night... and that was just the tip of the iceberg.