Everett's taken to taking pictures. He gets in these moods where he won't put the camera down. I'm not sure who he got that from. 

The little churches on this island are so charming. And that amazing light, of course.

Just look at that view! The drive to the north end of the island was worth it just for that.




Another jewel box church.

Everett can't get enough of the sea! He saw a snorkel mask in a shop and asked us to get it for him. We declined, mostly because we don't want to schlepp it with us everywhere, but also because he wouldn't be able to use . We told him he could have one when he learns how to swim, so now he's hell bent on learning. He wants to swim (without floaties) all day, smiling so big the entire time he swallows water, but kicking and scooping and giggling, saying "I'm swimming! I'm swimming". And then, of course "can I have the mask now?"  

The wind on Folegandros has been crazy, and Alice helps us collect rocks to secure our blankets and mats.

This is the look on a mommy's face when her little girl will eat only watermelon and drink only watermelon juice. This is probably the sixth meal in a row on her all-watermelon-mono-diet. She knows it irritates us and she responds by humming sweetly, batting her eyes, and wiggling her little fingers with happiness.