Everett was so excited to have goggles, he even wore them in the car. He wore them until he got lines on his face and puffy eyelids and purple skin. 

Alice chiming in with her two cents.

This is the face of defiance I got when I insisted he take them off.

And the relieved smile when I said he can put them back on at the house in the pool.

And although the beaches are beautiful, swimming in the pool at the house all day was pretty sweet, too. 

Especially when you have "Ray Ray," your own private Sting Ray, to give you rides across the pool...

and this amazing view.



There was one moment where I heard the most charming and whimsical ringing of bells – a metallic melody of notes dancing in the air. It was even more charming when I looked down below the balcony and saw no less than 3 dozen goats prancing up the drive, practically wagging their tails with delight, calling "omg, everyone, look at the adorable..." until my wits returned and it dawned on me: oh, no! Goats can't be in here! 

I ran back through the house, out the front door, down the drive, around the bend, and into the herd to shepherd them out. And I almost got them, too – they were a couple meters from the front gate when they suddenly took a sharp turn back up the hill the house sits on, into the impenetrable walls of brush and rocks. We did our best to keep them sequestered back behind all the landscaping, and eventually the shepherd came and collected them.

"Where the goats?"

"I want to stay with them."

"Will they come back?"

What a big girl! I can't believe this is the third year we've come to this lovely place...

...the first time when she was just a 10 month old.

There's still nothing better than sunsets out on that balcony, golden light bathing the valley below and the sound of roosters and sheep in the fields.

I casually wandered out to the balcony to take in the view, and something made me look down. Staring up at me, wide-eyed like deer in headlights were three goats! Somehow Scott and I were able to wrangle them down the hill, through the plants and out the gate. Not an easy feat, and we were so proud of ourselves! But we still can't figure out how the shepherd didn't realize he was missing three of his goats.

"Are they coming back?"