Not a bad view to wake up to! Our hotel on Folegandros was less like a hotel and more like a private home with lots of authenticity, lots of charm, lots of privacy, and lots of nooks to explore.

Our villa was an agricultural stone complex of the late 19th century, impeccably renovated and re-built true to the original architecture and preserved in spirit. 

Numerous verandas and courtyards filled with steps, and windows, and walls to climb provided a playground of endless obstacle courses.

And we had pets! A chicken and her two chicks lived in our garden. Everett named them Chickadee, Pickadee, and Wickadee and we'd go looking for them every morning and every afternoon to say hello. 

They were a little shy, but Everett did get the chance to show them the picture he drew of them. It was so cute how he held it up high, addressing Chickadee, the mom, first, pointing at each portrait, explaining who was who, and asking her if she liked it. I told him you could tell how much she liked it by all the clucking and feather fluffing! He was so delighted!

Lots of climbing up and jumping down. With nothing but jagged rock everywhere, nothing soft or even just green to break a fall, it's a miracle no one got any injuries.

But all that jagged rock sure did make a striking landscape, especially when coupled with that bright blue streak of sea in the background.

Even the plants were jagged – thick, thorned, burred weeds, sharp as knives.