Jammies all day

And speaking of the cuteness of kids in pajamas, I have a correction to make: there is one thing cuter than Everett's Kindergarten class in pajamas, and that's Everett and Alice in pajamas. Is there anything more appropriate for New Year's Day than to stay in jammies for the entire day?  And is there anything more fun than paper towel rolls as telescopes and megaphones while helping Daddy make pancakes?





3 going on 13 and 5 going on 35. 




These two. I mean, really. Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to burst.  







"No don't take a picture of me!" is Everett's new favorite phrase. And of course Alice copies. 






"Hey mommy – catch!"

"It's Frosty! Look! He says hi!"






"Throw it again...! I catched it!"