All Hallow's Eve

"Ohhhhh nooooo!" wailed Ghost, and she floated after Skeleton.






As soon as he put on the skeleton costume, Everett became a zombie, too – a Zombie Skeleton, natch. 

And of course Alice copies. So they're a Zombie Skeleton and a Zombie Ghost. Duh.


I have to admit, his zombie posing is pretty darn good. 

What is it about pumpkins that makes you immediately want to balance them on your head?





...or balance them on Wally's head...

...or each others' heads. They took turns, probably the most collaborative that I've seen them in a while. And the most still I've ever seen them stand. I guess when balancing pumpkins on your head is at stake, putting bygones aside and strategizing, partnering, and unifying as a team with your sibling is really worth it.

Cutie pies.





A no more appropriate place for a Zombie pit stop.



The neighborhood really does know how to get in the Halloween spirit. Of course the changing colors on the trees and leaves on the ground are lovely, but almost every doorstep has jack-o-lanterns or spider webs along the stoop, or ghosts handing from the fences. And with the gas light flames flickering against the brownstone, it really does put you in the right mood. 

































 I don't think any neighborhood can compete with Park Slope when it comes to babies, toddlers and kids decked out in costume. Marching in the parade and just playing at the playground, we saw everything from the most classic to the most creative, the most adorable to the most outrageous, store-bought and homemade, newborns and grandparents, and everything in between.