A Bug's Life

I think we spent two whole days finding bugs. Between the roly-polies, caterpillars, worms, and slugs, we definitely had our hands full. But somehow they kept "ex-scaping" from the home we made for them.












"Mommy, will you find more bugs with me?"















Alice filled an entire wheelbarrow with sticks. We knew if we told her what a big help that would be it would keep her occupied... we just didn't think it would keep her busy for two whole hours!




Three giant honeysuckle trees lining the house attract the biggest and loudest bees! In fact, it was hard to be outside and not get your ears buzzed by something.


"I'm covering my ears so the bees don't get inside"





Muddy toes, dirty feet.

Every time I take pictures out the window of a moving car I shake my head at myself, knowing they'll just be blurry messes. So I was floored to see that these actually looked lovely! Driving to an excursion took us around the Ashokan Resevoir, still and clear, and dotted with the reflection of white marshmallow clouds.








Late spring and every nook and cranny is exploding with life!

Wally's summer cut – the shortest he's ever been. He not only looks ridiculous but you can tell he feels uncomfortably naked, too. At least we don't have to worry about bathing (or brushing) him for a while.





Everett and Daddy threw a football while Alice and I explored. Everywhere you look there are paths to follow, dandelions to pick, walls to climb.


And tree stumps to conquer!





 "Charming" doesn't even begin to cover it!


Even at sunset, we're out hunting for bugs. Everett overturning rocks, Alice picking flowers to decorate their home.