The bears at the zoo really stole my heart this time! This was my first time seeing Betty and Veronica, and they are unbelievable. At one point they both jumped into the water wrestling and playing. The only thing more amazing than a giant, fluffy bear claw paddling underwater is 8 of them.

The penguins are always my favorite, though. You walk into the room, pitch black as your eyes slowly adjust to the low light, it feels like it's cooler (although I'm sure the air isn't actually) and there they are, waddling up and down and hurling themselves through the water like little torpedoes with accurate precision, gliding and twirling as they zoom past. It's both graceful and comical at the same time.

Like a moth to a flame, Alice always goes to the flowers. Roses like this, how could she not?

They really are spectacular.


A quick stop into the gift store for a giant snake for Everett and a tiny little seal + igloo for Alice.

Our own private concert with the most perfect acoustics.

These two.

Everett learned about Coco Chanel at school (yeah I know), so when he saw the store he got really excited. After such a long day trekking all through Central Park to get to the zoo and then all through the zoo, and then climbing  all over the boulders and then schlepping across several avenues, we really were ready for a little rest before going the last few blocks to catch our train. Who knew the Chanel window was the perfect spot to sit and catch your breath? 

"Can you buy me that?" 
"Which one, Alice?"
"Bofe of them."
"No, sweetie, they're too expensive. And for grown ups."
"...Maybe just the tights...?"

I forget how pretty it is on the Upper East Side.