What can make Alice happier than a new dress? A new dress that looks like a ballerina dress! This little girl is living up to every little girl cliché and it's the cutest thing in the world. She refuses to wear pants, insists on wearing dresses (and tights, even when it's 90 degrees outside), and asks for pink finger nails. So it makes me happy when she also asks to sleep in her brother's Spiderman pajamas and chooses the Star Wars Bandaids.


















"Mommy I can't wait to wear this dress to school and show all my friends how beautiful it is."

Her favorite book right now is Vampirina Ballerina. An adorable book about a little girl who's not at all like the other girls in her dance class and is self conscious about how different she is. But, with practice and perseverance, she gains Madame's respect and ultimately becomes a true Ballerina anyway. Alice asks to read it every night and at the end she tells me she wants to be a Vampire. I tell her she can be one for Halloween and she says, "No, a real vampire. With white skin and no reflection in the mirror and teeth that are sharp and pointy like tusks." (With her missing two front teeth she already kinda' looks like she has fangs! ;p) So she's practicing her pliés and relevés, and you never know what might happen.