Gone fishin'

When you're so excited about your new school backpack you wear it everywhere, but also you're so serious about how cool it is.

Organizing bark and sticks. I feel a little bit guilty about how literal and earnest the kids are. "Mommy can we help you?" "Sure! Can you count how many sticks there are and organize this bark? That would be a big help!" An hour later, they're still working on it, taking the job very seriously. At bedtime once, when we could hear the crickets chirping outside, they asked what that sound was. I told them, in full cuddle, it was the crickets singing them a bedtime lullaby. Weeks later, reading a bedtime story, totally out of the blue, Everett says "it's so nice of the crickets to sing us a lullaby every night!" And now after we say goodnight and begin to leave their room, I hear them say "sweet dreams, crickets! Thank you for the nice lullaby." It makes my heart melt every time. 

"Mommy, I organized all the bark for you!"







Practicing his cast. The line only got stuck in the trees a few times.  ;p

"Here, Alice, let me show you." 









We went looking for the barn owl that Scott found living in the shed, but no luck.



Everett is obsessed with doing cannonballs.