Neighborhood walks in the summer are the best. Never mind that we sometimes jump onto strangers' stoops and climb on their gates and jump off their steps.


The Pulitzer Fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel will forever be known as "the bird bath" which is what Everett delightfully insisted on calling it when he saw pigeons perching on the rim.

"Mommy, did you ever live at the Plaza Hotel?"

We found Chestnut! The horse that gave us our carriage ride on Mother's Day a year and a half ago! We talk about Chestnut fondly from time to time, so when we spotted this guy – gorgeous brown hair, purple plume, we could hardly believe it was him! And then we asked the Coachman if this was indeed Chestnut he said "Close! His name is Chester." Chester?! All this time we misunderstood and have been calling him by the wrong name. Chester is cute, but we still think Chestnut is a better name for this horse.